domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

Castle of Biel, Tower of Biel. Castillo de Biel (Zaragoza, Aragón).

The Castle of Biel in the Cinco Villas (Zaragoza, Aragón) was always a strategically important point given its proximity to the border with Navarre, you command to construct by Sancho the Greater one, its first tenente was Blasco Ariol from 1004 and 1054, already with king Ramiro I. The region of Cinco Villas is one of the more important of all old Kingdom of Aragón.

The castle this formed by the set of the monumental tower and the románica church of San Martin, something subsequent to the tower because it would be of end of century XI, although was reconstructed in the century XVI, and that has the leaned North wall to the imposing tower.

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