viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2007

Walls and Towers of Zaragoza (Aragon) Spain. Murallas y torres de Zaragoza.

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Caesaraugusta, the Roman Zaragoza, was surrounded by a wall with numerous towers, possibly 120. Their walls had a considerable thickness, being the outer part of sillares of alabaster and limestone, and the interior of a mortar of great hardness. The date of construction of the Roman wall is not known with exactitude, but it thinks that the present rest date from centuries II and III d.C. Possibly a primitive wall of the time of Augusto existed, at the moment of the foundation of the city, towards century I a.C., that served as laying of foundations the new wall. It was reaprovechada by Muslim visigodos and, exerting an important defensive function during the Average Age. In century XIV, the wall still turned its mission during the War of both Peters that took place during years 1356 and 1369. As of that moment the expansion of the city made it unnecessary, and as of century XV it went dismantling.

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