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Castle of Siguenza, Guadalajara (Castilla La Mancha). Castillo de Sigüenza.

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The origin Arab castle was built upon fortress visigodo and I castrate Roman, is in upper of Sigüenza. One began to construct in year 1,123 to serve as palace-strength and calls to account of the bishops who were gentlemen of the city during seven centuries. As such residence, is witness during centuries of important episodes and visits of historical personages. In century XIX the abolition of the señoríos and the confiscation caused its abandonment, that took it to the almost total destruction during the Civil War, until its restoration began and conversion in Inn in 1976.

All the architectonic set deserves to be visited. From the battlements the complete panorama of the city is descried perfectly, fulfilling its defensive mission. A door in the wall introduces to us in the parade ground, provided in its center with a deep providing water well, essential to resist long sieges. In the interior it emphasizes the impressive Hall the Throne or the Red Hall, in which the bishops distributed justice. Also it has a pretty chapel and a cell where some say that it lived, until the moment of their exile, Doña Blanca de Borbón, wife of Pedro I the Cruel one. Other theories suppose their residence in one of the towers of the castle, that conserves its name and from which could contemplate the city and listen to the bells of the churches of Santiago and San Vicente. Its unfortunate history stages every year in the Medieval Days Within one of its towers is conserved, although very reformed, the first church of Sigüenza, call of Santa Cruz, constructed in century XII and with decoration to mudéjar in its interior.

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Brandy dijo...

I went once to the town of Sigüenza This castle is wonderfoul!.